My services

These are the most common repairs I have been requested to do

Front and Rear Brakes

I charge normally $75.00 an axle to replace the pads only. If rotors are replaced then the cost is $100.00 per axle. Pads and rotors sold separately Drum brakes are more expensive because of the labor time it takes to replace them

CV Axles

I charge $100 for axle replacement. Axle sold seperately

Oil and Filter Changes Most oil changes run between $35-45.00 for full synthetic oil. This includes the oil and filter and can be done just about any day in the afternoon and on weekends. Larger engines take more oil and will be a little more. This is based on a 5 quart replacement. If you want a specific brand could also raise the price due to the extra cost of oil and filter

These are other repairs\replacements over the years AC Refrigerant, light bulbs, water pumps, thermostats, window regulators and motors, honda timing belts etc